About Us – Bobbi Rose

About Us


Bobbi Rose™ is named after my parents Barbara and Roosevelt.

Back in 2009 I had a strong desire to create earrings and accessories that were different.  I was tired of the common look.  After playing with leather for a few days, I know it was God who gave me the idea for Bobbi Rose.  At first I was a little disappointed but I remember like it was yesterday when my son; who was nine years old at the time telling me "in art Mommy there are no mistakes!" And from that moment on I realized that I created wearable art  and not just jewelry.

The Bobbi Rose collection is for those of us who rather stand out than fit in.

Each Rose is handcrafted and hand painted by me, Simone S.  Each Rose is created from different types of genuine leather.

It is my intention to enhance ones beauty. Bobbi Rose comes in varies colors and designs.  Our collection currently consist of; earrings, pendants, broaches. 

As beautiful as the pictures are, one most experience Bobbi Rose in person.

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