The 411 on Product Care – Bobbi Rose

The 411 on Product Care

Thank you for purchasing Bobbi Rose™ wearable art. Like each of us walking this earth, no two pieces are exactly alike.  Bobbi Rose™ wearable art is unique in design, bold in colors and edgy in style. 


Bobbi Rose™ is created from different types of quality leather.  Your Bobbi Roses™ can last for a long time if and only if it is maintained properly. Bobbi Rose™ must be protected from dust, heat, rain, and water. Your Bobbi Roses™ can be kept in the packages it was mailed to you in. It is not advisable to store your Bobbi Rose along with other types of jewelry, especially metal jewelry. 

One should not wear Bobbi Roses™ while bathing, swimming or performing physical exercises. When leather absorbs perspiration from the body it will lose its original beauty. Hence it is better not to wear Bobbi Roses™ while doing strenuous work.

For cleaning your Bobbi Roses™ one should not use oil based cleaners as it may stain the leather. If dirt does get on your Bobbi Roses you can remove it using a piece of soft damp cloth. 

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"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable!" -UNKNOWN

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